James Atkinson
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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Jimmie Atkinson who was born in San Jose California on August 16, 1973 and passed away on September 08, 2001 at the age of 28. We will remember him forever. 
Jimmie was my best friend and he had lots of other friends as well ... he was very sweet and well liked by all his peers. Jimmie loved to work with wood .He loved to play his bass and guitars  he also loved children and animals he would have made a great father ... i know he was a awesome brother ,friend,uncle,brother in -law ,nephew,godson,cousin,grandson.
he is deeply missed by his family & friends

                                        The song you are hearing was played at jimmie's service.................................

                           ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~SINGIN FOR A LIFETIME~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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Y&T  / Doug Ewbank (brother)
One of the best bands we used to jam to is Y&t n Black Sabath
jimmie n sean   / Doug Ewbank (best friend )
I see that picture of jimmie and Sean Walton i know there both up in heaven jamming together rock on bros
Adding to Jimmies page   / Renee Correia (sister)
Everyone please feel free to pass on to me any song files or pics i will gladly add them to Jimmies page thank you.
Time will help....  / Patricia Dufour (FFOS) (visitor)    Read >>
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